• Name: Fabio Petani
  • Crew: Il Cerchio E Le Gocce (It is not a properly crew but is an artistic and cultural association Turin based).
  • City-country: I’m from a small country in the woods (Prarostino) since I was young but now I have a studio in Turin (North of Italy).
  • Active since: My firsts small pieces were in abandoned places around 2013, but concretely I find my way when I started to collaborate with other artist Turin based like Etnik, Corn79, Mr Fijodor and with them I learned a lot of skills and I started to paint the first big walls.
  • Personal motivation-message: I started to paint with the knowledge of big writers that teach me a lot of things. And for this reason I decided to create something similar to a tag without arrogating to myself a past that I did not have. So I studied few recurrents elements like circles, chemical elements, plants and a red line to have something recognizable like a tag to pay homage to my masters.
    My message is closely focused on the power of the nature. I want to show to people how it can change the day perspective and relax our minds.
    I always use a plant and the name of a chemical element o chemical compost (written on the wall in place of the signature) both linked with the contest where I paint. So there is not only an estetical approach but also a deeper layer on my walls that the people could know analyzing the wall over the firs look. It is a way to allow people to question more the murals they see around the cities and not to stop only at the first approach.

    I’d like to add this part of my bio written by Davide Allegretti that well explain my art.

    Strong are the messages of our alchemist Fabio Petani, who mixes chemical and botanical knowledge in an investigating combination of the natural essence. Work that winks at the ancient popular wisdom of recognizing plants, but his work is a deeper research, each of his works is a piece of a herbarium and of the table of elements. Nothing is given to chance, each plant and each element are chemically linked together, this natural and alchemical link between plants and elements develops further, because everything is linked to the territory in which the intervention is carried out. Fabio leaves scattered throughout the world reflections aimed at respect for nature and every molecule. The alchemical dichotomy of the universe is represented. Everything is represented with strong delicacy, the color palette is almost always soft and gives elegance to his works, the colors are always chosen to embellish the pages of his herbarium in the most balanced way possible with the surrounding landscape, so much so that the his work is one with the previous architecture.

    To counteract this kindness he contrasts the use of vigorous geometric elements, which break up the linear vision of the whole, the focal point of his works are the phytomorphic figures, which are not banal decorative elements but the botanical heritage of the territory in which he acts, these elements floral tend to establish a solid relationship between work and territory. In this way, they create the message for those who identify it to regain possession of the natural knowledge of the world, investigating it with a new look, deepening it with the means of science. Because this alchemical combination will bring us back to appreciate more what surrounds us and perhaps will give the key to understand a part of the universal functioning.


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