Belgian graffiti artist and writer David Duits paints a 600 m² wall with his dreamlike idea of nature and man joining hands through paint.

Located in the town of Temse in Belgium, specifically next to the N41 road, we find the latest mega-production by David Duits. The graffiti writer and artist has turned nothing more and nothing less than 600 m² of gray wall into a pleasantly colorful landscape. “Painting his dreams” is the idea that the Belgian based for composition on, where an idyllic and almost heavenly scene serves as a tribute to nature, animals, and human beings in communion.

Previously whitewashed with plastic roller paint, this work took more than 200 cans of MTN 94 and 20 days of work to complete. It is undoubtedly David Duits’s most ambitious project: “I have never painted more than 100 square meters. This is 600…when painting this, I was just a little nervous at first, but after a few days painting, that went away. In the end I was very happy with the result and this amazing experience ”.

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