Joys paints a great wall in Trento, thanks to the Street Earth on Tour initiative, who promote urban art works with the minimum possible ecological impact in mind.

A celebrated writer on the north Italian scene, Joys has been recognized for his peculiar volumetric geometries that he’s been bringing to trains and walls since the 1990s. Over the years, his creative work has perpetuated unmistakable stylistic hallmarks that have allowed him to experiment in infinite ways through colors, straight lines and volumes. His hypnotic work offers unlimited visual impressions through simple geometric perspectives and has become a decorative pattern that works on any surface, including sculptures.

“His work goes beyond two dimensions and acquires a plasticity over time that takes hold of the territory and the relish of an involuntary and unconscious public.
Between the institutional and the underground, Joys’ work has been recognized by those who work in the art system as unusual and highly personal thanks to his obsessive study of letters: forms that over time become stratified and enriched with levels and lines, and that Joys uses to construct impossible labyrinths where nothing is left to chance and shapes always obey precise logical and geometric rules.”

The Italian artist recently painted the shutters of the Santa Maria area of Trento. A project promoted by Street Earth on Tour, who are committed to the use of ecological materials. That is why the paint chosen for this enormous 4-day intervention was the MTN Water Based 300, for its solvent-free composition. Together with Joys, Madre514 helped to execute the mural — have a look at the documentation of their process in a sensational video produced by Marco Loss.

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