• Name: Rosbe
  • Crew: Cold East
  • City-country: Bialystok, Poland
  • Active since: I can’t exactly remember. The last years of 90’s. Time flies so fast.
  • Favorite surface: Definitely I prefer pure concrete although metal sheet is still ok. I don’ t have any limits according to spots or surface of painting. Every surface got its own style and has influence on the final look of painting.
  • Personal motiviation: The biggest motivation are people who surround me and support me all the time. I really like styles from my home town. In Białystok I got a lot of players that I can learn from and they are my inspiration. I am still searching for “that thing”. I try to spend a lot of time on sketching. I think this is the basic thing in searching of style. Sketching allows me to feel free. It’ s cool not to limit yourself and deal with various forms.

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