A video that sums up the entire MTN Virtual Residency experience, from beginning to end, is now online. The project was launched by Montana Colors to encourage creativity and artistic work in this throughout the current pandemic.

The selected artists, Motomichi Nakamura and Nicolás Romero Ever, dedicated a month to focus on their respective projects that were especially designed with this residency in mind, and based on the theme of ‘the new normal.’ Two creative forms as different as those of these two artists are a perfect example to illustrate the limitless scope of artistic potential: from classical technical painting, to the digital creation of outdoor mapping. This residency shows how Montana Colors’ interest in this initiative, as in many others, stems from unconditional support for art, beyond product marketing or corporate identity.

The video that we present here today serves as testimony and documentation of the introspective journeys that each artist went through during this month of work. Statements and recordings made by the performers themselves allow us into their most intimate processes of creation, all while making us participants in the evolution of each of their work. In addition, the particular aesthetic tastes of Motomichi and Nicolás are reflected in the images and words that they themselves have chosen to convey in this project, making this audiovisual summary a meta-artistic experience that closes the circle of the first ever, and very stimulating MTN Virtual Residency.

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