• Name: Taur
  • Crew: Rayons
  • City-country: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Active since: 1999
  • Favorite surface: it is not so important where or on what, the important thing is to paint.
  • Personal motivation: endless search for harmony of forms. I Started my career with graffiti in 1999, inspired by the wave of hip-hop, while doing break dance. Taurus is my full name, which corresponds to my zodiac sign and cosmic spirit, hence the name abbreviation -7aur was born. I have loved creating type compositions for my Rayons crew since 2007. The strongest source of inspiration for me has always been music, as well as architecture and contemporary art.
    I call my style eclectic wild style, these are vibrant flying dynamic shapes captured in space, created to convey the mood of the sound heard during creation. In my work, I am constantly looking for a new form, because doing the same thing is too boring. Therefore, I pay special attention to sketches in which I catch the rhythm through the prism of graffiti.

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