• Name: Timeek
  • Crew: ABDT
  • City-country: Sevilla, España
  • Active since: 2010
  • Personal motivation-message: Being outdoors, enjoying the sun and good company is the fuel that keeps me going to continue painting as much as I can. In my case, painting  is part of a need to clean the noises of my head. The message is rather the attitude of taking either the graffiti or the walls as a diary that talks about everyday life and the graphic actuality of our thoughts. If we grow, surely our walls evolve. In my case the letters became another resource, a detail that marked the beginning of another path. On each wall I make certain decisions, I remove and put, I move elements but in the end, in my opinion, whether we want to or not, it is with the overall vision of what we do that we reaffirm and express ourselves.

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