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It’s always a good time to emphasize certain moral concepts that, unfortunately, have not yet permeated the entire fabric of society. In this case, feminism has spoken again through a delicate mural, framed by a landscape at  Reserva Natural de Sant Llorenç de Montgai that surrounds and protects it as if they were destined to be one.

When the three pillars of Montana Colors philosophy are combined in the same project – artistic dissemination and promotion, respect for the environment and gender equality – a special mention of a project like this must be made.
The attention is deserved when we appreciate the results achieved by Lily Brik. Commissioned by the Municipality of Camarasa in Lleida, Catalunya, the intervention consists of a mural at old electrical transformation center in the heart of the Sant Llorenç de Montgai nature reserve.

This enclave offers a natural landscape of great beauty, ideal to disconnect and enjoy nature and water-sports; a place that is irresistible to lovers of climbing and now a mandatory stop for lovers of mural art.

We caught up with the promoter of the project, the mayor of Camarasa, Elisabet Lizaso:

‘Women are here to stay. We are strong, unique, genuine and imperfect, weak, sensitive, strong and rude, we are companions, friends, mothers and daughters, we are and will always be.

“We women leave our mark. We do not want to be brave, we want to be free, we do not want to be more victims of sexism, or survivors of patriarchy.

“This mural full of nostalgia, strength, sensitivity and beauty represents us and reminds us that we form a part, and we are the whole.

“We are daughters of Mother Nature and we become part of one of her wonders. We are and will be everything that we set out to be, and we need everyone to end this scourge that surrounds us. We are here to stay.’

The forceful message sent from the Camarasa Town Hall completes the precious and powerful mural that the Lleida artist has painted in Sant Llorenç de Montgai under the title of “Orquídea”.

The artist’s words wrap around the mural like a poem:
‘If you are like an orchid, a strong woman, prepare for battle: 
Learn to be alone
To sleep in absolute darkness without fear, to swim against the current, no one will throw you a rope when the storm rages.

Train yourself in the crafts of thought and intellect. Read, make love to yourself, build your castle, surround it with a deep moat, not forgetting wide doors and windows. 
You must cultivate enormous friendships 
so that those around you and who love you, know what you are; a beautiful orchid. Make yourself a circle of bonfires and light an ever-burning stove in the center of your room
that keep your dreams boiling. 
Do it for you.

For all of us ? ?


Gioconda Belli (Managua, 1948)


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