Iberian and French urban art meet at “Tiempos abstractos”, an exhibition hosted by the Montana Gallery Barcelona which will remain open until January 22, 2021, having celebrated its inauguration on November 10.

Despite sharing the same starting point – graffiti – the artistic paths of Arnaud Liard and Rosh :. have followed different paths. An inevitable distinction when we consider two artists with their own personalities, who are also geographically distant. The evolution of their artistic work and self-discovery has led them to a style of abstraction that complements each other perfectly, despite their differences, and the exhibition space of the Montana Gallery Barcelona demonstrates this perfectly.

Abstract Times” is the show that brings together the dialogue proposed by Rosh :. through his sincere search for textures, shapes and color, with the aesthetic study of Arnaud Liard, configured as a romantic ode to chaos, destruction, architecture and landscapes.

Two different universes that seem to lean on each other rather than existing in opposition. The result is a suggestive explosion of colors and textures, originated by two conceptual languages ​​that are presented as two sides of the same coin.

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