Andes is the Peruvian writer and protagonist of this short video that we present today in collaboration with Montana Colors Peru and Lima Lovers. The active train writer finds consolation and release in producing a studio piece as Latin America, like many other territories, is affected by a lockdown. The piece, based on the Barcelona MTN System becomes a way to relive the adventures he experienced in the Mediterranean city during recent trips to Europe.

Lima native Andes has been an active writer for more than a decade. Regularly visiting Europe since 2015, he has also lived in Morocco for a couple of years, where he was able to paint Arabic steel.

Visitors to Lima will quickly identify by his trademark logo – a smiling cat – but his work has travelled much further, having left his feline features on subway and train systems in different Latin American countries, like Mexico or Bolivia as well as European and Moroccan systems. He is one of the few specialists in the Lima metro, and many of the Europeans who travel there go to Andes for information about Lima railways, as well local gastronomic highlights from “chifas” to homemade ceviche.

Also a great fan of the streets, Andes is a master of dripping tags and throw ups, as well as his massive roller pieces on the main avenues of the Peruvian capital.

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