The new MTN MUTE, a gadget that silences aerosols, is now even more effective thanks to a new design, presentation and a lower price.

Something as simple as a magnet is the perfect tool to hold the mixing ball in most aerosols and prevent them from producing the characteristic sound that can attract unwanted attention.

At Montana Colors we are committed to perfecting tools for graffiti no matter how simple they are. That is why we’re proud to announce the definitive version of the MTN MUTE.


Inspired by the classic cap that was a standard fixture on Hardcore instead of bulky aerosol caps, the new MUTE features a gloss black finish with the MTN logo in matt relief. A ring of silver letters adds the name and short description of the product.

The silver paint on the product letters is inspired by classic photographic lenses, where focal lengths and apertures are often marked in silver on black.


The neodymium magnet is just the right size to grip the mixing ball without adding much to the weight of the spray,  which could confuse the user about the amount of paint remaining in the can.


The MTN MUTE comes in a recyclable cardboard presentation package with an informal and elegant appearance.

The MTN MUTE does not work on MTN Water Based 300 and Water Based 100 sprays, as the mixing ball on these sprays is made of glass. Don’t forget to remove the MTN MUTE from your spray cans before throwing them in the recycling bin!

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