Our traditional calendar will soon be available at all Montana Colors Dealers. For 2021, we wanted to pay tribute to the universe of colors by illustrating the direct chromatic relationship between our products and images of nature and creations produced with our paint. Get yours at your favourite shop that carries Montana Colors.

We wanted to capture everything that color gives us. At first it seems simple, but behind every drop of color there is much more to be told.
In the pages dedicated to graffiti, we appreciate how new shades are created by mixing and fading specific colors from the Montana Colors range to different degrees. Yet the total image that is projected on our retina shows us that everything is color: from the wall to be painted to the stones, shadows and reflections. That is the true richness of color.
What more can we say about the importance of color in nature? The hues are infinite. Just by changing the light, our point of view, the time of year, the temperature or even our mood.

Considering this prismatic abundance, we are nothing more than reproducers, messengers of colors full of meanings, claims or authorship of temporary images.

However, it is necessary to maintain an attentive gaze, not to lose the ability to discern and admire so much variation and richness that color provides us every day so we can enhance our appreciation of what is happening and what we call life.

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