First came the announcement of our Spotify account, and this month Montana Colors takes a step into curating DJ mixes with the launch of a brand new Soundcloud profile.

Almost all of the clubs in the world may be shut, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t listening to DJ sets on a daily basis at work, in the car or whilst painting a wall at the weekend. True to the hip-hop roots of the Montana Colors family and the subculture we represent, we’ve decided to open a Soundcloud account where we’ll be uploading graffiti themed mixes by selectors/spray can artists from all around the world.

What’s more, our debut series of sets serves as an audio compliment to the story of Montana Colors that we’ve been publishing on MTN News: We Were There. From the decks of Barcelona based b-boy and MTN OG Kapi One comes We Were There Mixtape I.

The mixtape captures the mood of the Game Over Graffiti Shop in the early nineties, consisting of golden-era rap anthems from Cypress Hill, Dr Dre, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang and many more seminal MCs and producers.

Head over to MTN News for the full story and classic flicks from Kapi himself, and make sure you bump our first official mixtape in your ear goggles today!

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