• Name: Anc
  • Crew: HP (Hardcore Paesano)
  • City-country: Catania, Italy
  • Active since: 2003
  • Personal motivation-message: I paint because I feel the need. I just need to look at an object, a lion’s face on a door or a cigarette on the ground, to get the idea.
    The need to paint led me to turn it into a profession and by painting in large dimensions, I have the opportunity to communicate that idea to those who observe it. I follow the example of reality to create my own world by putting my imagination into it. The fun part is when people explain what they see, they interpret it differently.
    I believe that personal interpretation is fundamental in a piece because it frees the observer. Although there isn’t always a message, my work always changes but is still linked to what we go through, what we experience or what could happen. I think the most interesting thing about what I do is when an atmosphere is created within the work, the observer and the space where it exists. This combination blesses it with a bit of magic on it and its constant evolution.

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