The constant search for new places to paint has always pushed graffiti writers out of their comfort zone and adapt to the spaces they find. Today we see how Bonim, Harrybones and Musa71 demonstrate their versatility on these walls.

Nothing lasts forever, they say. Everything changes and nothing remains. However, there are attitudes and habits that persist over time and proliferate in space. We graffiti writers know this. It’s a natural paradox for us. We need to paint in new locations, moving around, discovering new surfaces.

That need is fulfilled when we find an abandoned place, opening up before us like a private amusement park.

There is something that attracts us to abandoned places. A derelict space, deprived of meaning, concealing whispered secrets amongst its ruins. Where the past emerges from cracks in every crevice. History reveals itself to us over every step we take, struggling not to get completely forgotten in the terrain that nature has reclaimed.

There is a hidden beauty, a nostalgia that attracts a certain type of person: the graffiti writer.

Often without realizing it and beyond the pleasure of painting, the work of the writer adds a new paragraph to the untold tale. A new chapter only available to the next explorer.

Three writers: Bonim, Musa71 and Harrybones. The date: a weekend in November. Two locations: an abandoned factory and a tunnel, lost in the fog.

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