• Name: Ezra One
  • Crew: LOD – Loks On Dope, UCA- Under Cover Artist DTK – Down To Kill
  • City-country: Based out of Los Angeles, Cal, USA
  • Active since: Started writing and doing pieces in 1995
  • Personal motivation-message: Been doing graffiti for over 25 years now and I’m constantly challenging myself with realism, scale of the wall and message.
    Also what motivates me is making a solid living in what I do, in my own personal art and style and crossing over to the gallery scene, I want to be remembered and motivate others in my work , I don’t see myself ever stopping graffiti / street art. So I will keep pushing and evolving my style.  About my message, I will say that hard work supersedes talent any day of the week. Talent won’t always get you far unless you work hard at it .

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