• Name: Denis & Cris
  • Crew: TweeMuizen
  • City-country: Santiago de compostela but actually Barcelona
  • Active since: Denís started writing when he was 12 years old, it was in 1998 and he was always drawing, at that age he began to feel curious about graffiti.
  • Personal motivation-message: We created TweeMuizen in 2010, Denís leads the pictorial part of the project and Cris the textile one. We both work on the concepts. We are from small towns near Santiago de Compostela and we know that this has influenced what our work is today, and it deeps in representations of the relationship between human beings and nature, a mixture of our traditions with a world more dreamlike and surreal. Throughout these 10 years we have been exhibiting our work, creating installations in which we combine the textile and the pictorial part.

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