In this new video published by the German Youtube channel of SEAT, the car brand, Raws explains his way of sketching pieces on paper in deep detail, tutorial-style.

SEAT’s full commitment to urban art is nothing new. In fact, we already published something to this tune last May. It was a tutorial on how to draw characters, published on the SEAT Deutschland YouTube channel under the title #SEATsketchbook. Stereoheat was the brilliant artist delivering the lesson on that occasion, and now they’ve released another video along the same lines. This time the objective of the tutorial is to teach how to sketch a piece on paper, and for this we have as an exclusive teacher, nothing more and nothing less than Raws, a German writer who has become tremendously famous in recent years.
Although there aren’t any subtitles and all the explanations are in German, the video itself is so illustrative that it speaks for itself.

“Here’s a step-by-step guide to figuring out your signature style. In this episode, street artist Raws sets the tone and teaches the wisdom of the streets.  He started out as a writer and has worked his way up to becoming a world-renowned artist.  His success led him to present a solo exhibition at the famous Urban Spree gallery in Berlin in 2019. A real explosion of shapes and colors awaits you! With a little time and his instructions, you’ll soon be able to impress with your own graffiti styles.”

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