Thanks to the success of the sale of MTN’s Limited Edition in tribute to the graffiti writer Julione, a cheque for 7500 euros was delivered last Monday to ANDEX,, The Andalusian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, for its Planta Zero project. The award ceremony took place at Montana Shop Sevilla and was attended by representatives of the association, representatives of Montana Colors, and Julione’s family.

Time stands still for a story like this one. Julio left us, but his legacy goes far beyond his creativity and his will to fight, showing us that he truly was a star. One of those stars whose light we admire even from a distance, and one that continues to shine long after his days with us here on Earth. Julio also shone a light on the situation of thousands of teenagers with cancer in our country, and we did our small part to contribute.

The Andalusian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, ANDEX, was created in 1985 by a group of parents affected by this severe disease. Since its inception, the association has been characterized by working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of children with cancer as well as their families, from all areas within their reach.

The Planta Zero project was born from the demand for a space that responds to the needs of adolescents with cancer and their relatives; a space where they can be in an environment which allows them to enjoy what motivates and interests them. Its main objective is to build the Oncology-Hematology Unit for Adolescents, where there is an environment conducive to favoring the survival of patients. This new unit will be located on the ground floor (Planta Zero) of the Virgen del Rocío Children’s Hospital and will place Andalusia at the levels of the best centers in Europe.

Thanks to those who bought the limited edition can, to distributors such as Highlights who bought and donated the all money from their sales. Thanks to those who made donations, to those who bought the solidarity bracelet. To all those who have done something to help, big or small, to ensure that Julio’s story goes down in history.

We say goodbye with a few words from Julione’s family:
‘Andex is a non-profit association to help parents of children with cancer. They do not only help financially, as unfortunately, there are many expenses that you have when you spend long periods in hospital, but they also help you psychologically.
From the first moment you walk through the pediatric hemato-oncology doors, Andex offers you that comfortable hand to hold that you need at that moment. From onco-psychologists, to volunteers young and old, who give you the most precious thing in the world, their time. Time that they spend with the admitted families, to make them forget, even for a few moments, the difficult moments that they are going through — because seeing a child laugh is the most valuable thing in the world for parents …
There are also, although they are more wary, the volunteers of the families. Wonderful people, who even in the hardest of moments, remain by your side to guide you, to console you. They are the ones who make you think that human beings are still wonderful …
When the storm passes, and the calm arrives, it’s not calm, but madness, Andex stays by your side, continues to offer you that comforting hand, to help families in grief, to “survive” and “carry on” our day to day, because childhood cancer is a disease that destroys homes, destroys lives and even destroys even your soul. But they are still there, always helping in whatever way they can, inside and outside the hospital.’

How can we help to make this project happen?


– Buying your solidarity bracelet from Planta Zero on the Andex website.
– Making your donation through Bizum: 33434
– Making a transfer to the Andex Foundation: ES91 21008436-4022-0059-4710
– You can also propose an initiative in favor of Planta Zero, by sending an email to


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