• Name: ‘Coma’ Moxaico
  • City-country: Almeria, Spain
  • Active since: 1995
  • Personal motivation-message: The first time I painted on a wall it was somewhat traumatic; I had not seen anyone paint except on TV, for rap videos or movies like Style Wars or Beat Street, and even so I started to try … and well I was hooked. Over time I was meeting more people, evolving and getting involved, so much of my life has revolved around graffiti or painting. I’ve been trying to do what I don’t know for a long time, with the ambition to improve myself. They are small challenges, sometimes satisfactory that motivate you to continue, others unsuccessful, that motivate you to improve yourself. Basically painting has become my catharsis on day to day, an urgent need that I need from time to time. I like portraiture, figuration and nature, combining them with tags and fonts with geometric shapes, influenced by graphic design, with a minimalist and elegant appearance. In my works there are details that cannot be seen at first glance, they are “my secrets”, although some are able to see them, either because they know me or because they are able to see beyond the first image.

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