Our favorite Berlin resident has just published a new action clip filmed in real time, featuring the famous “Yellow Submarine” of the German capital. This time the subway car in question is caught in circulation: with the pros and cons that accompany missions like this.

Through his  videos, Cekios demonstrates a variety of possible approaches to train writing on the U-Bahn and S-Bahn – his targets of choice. From backjumps, layups and one-man-wholecars, he has an incredible ability to perform genuine masterpieces in tiny windows of time.
The latest update on his YouTube channel documents a new mission that follows his trademark video style whilst adding a few details that make it stand out. For starters, this is a piece produced in traffic, adding the danger of nearby passing trains and the eyes of their drivers to the already hazardous task of hitting stock underground.

11 minutes is all it takes for the Australian to put up a WTC’S crew piece in his familiar dynamic and aggressive style, including the odd pause as other metros go by. The daring color combination further goes to show a virtuoso at work.

Cekios was the designer of the latest MTN Limited Edition. Our warehouses are out of stock but you can still snap up one of these collectable cans from your local MTN distributor.

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