• Name: Ruber
  • Crew: GEK Team (Garde Espoir Kouzin) since 2009
  • City-country: Saint-Etienne France
  • Active since: 2005 handstyle when I have 14 years old, 2009 I start to paint lettering
  • Favorite surface: abandoned factory walls, but recently the freight and trash wagon.
  • Personal motivation: There are several things, the creativity and the feeling of freedom during the explorations are the strongest. I like to constantly discover new places where people haven’t painted, where time has stopped! Nature reclaims its rights and silence reigns there, this atmosphere gives me a lot of well-being and makes me forget everything else! I also always like to go further in the search for letters and style which motivates me to regularly change my way of painting to evolve! And of course painting on big walls with my team is always a real pleasure, dedicated to my guys! Graffiti is also a great way to meet cool people and have a good time, big up to those i have painted with and those to come!
    Keep Hope Couzin

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