Ego, perceptions and work form part of an in depth conversation with Spanish muralist Aryz in this new video, recorded during quarantine, entitled “Perception: a look into the new Aryz studio.”

A national lockdown did not have many positive aspects, but perhaps one the few is this video that Aryz and producer Peter Doering of Beech Studios present. Through an intimate monologue, the artist draws back the curtains on his craft, revealing a part of the creative process that is normally hidden from public view. The video – filmed in the artist’s new studio – reflects his perception of the process, which he describes as a constant battle full of changes and doubts.

During the production, Aryz was immersed in the creation of El Auxilio, an 8-meter-high installation that was shown last December at the Oostende Conservatory in Belgium as part of The Crystal Ship by Night festival. This piece is part of the latest collection of work by the artist, large-scale installations that allow him to interact with the dimensions of the space.

Aryz was behind the cover of Tramontana01, which also featured an in-depth interview, and is now available for free download.

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