Pictures by Clara Antón

It’s nothing new – everyone knows that graffiti and tattoos are two scenes that often go hand in hand. Two worlds invariably attracted to each other, with many of their proponents active in both fields whether it be writers who love tattoo culture, or tattoo artists who started out as, or continue to be, graffiti writers. With this production, we try to delve into the emotions that unite the two disciplines, contrasting the spectacular styles of two virtuosos: the Roman wildstyle don Brus and the Barcelona tattoo artist, Victor Chil.

Barcelona tattoo artists Victor Chil choose his 94 spraycansBarcelona tattoo artist Victor Chil uses a MTN 94 sprayan el dorado

Brus‘ work is well known to followers of Montana Colors. His chromatic ability and, above all, an aggressive but elegant style that uses the most varied tricks of wildstyle graffiti in a very personal way, make him one of the most impressive writers of wild style in the world thanks, among other things, to his stunning productions on metal.
Victor Chil is one of the most famous new school tattoo artists on the planet. His body of work demonstrates that the status is merited. A majestic use of colors, an infinite imagination and his unique representation of nature draw directly from his experience in graffiti.

Graffiti artist Brus and tattoo artist Victor Chil paint together a graffiti wallVictor Chil and Brus compare the 94 colors chosen for their production

Brus recently commissioned a large piece on his torso from Victor Chil, and the combination was magic. MTN World had to witness the meeting of the two transcendental characters, to address the famed but seldom analyzed theme of the relationship between graffiti and tattoo and, of course, enjoy a sublime collaboration.

Victor Chil uses a MTN Hand Cleaner Paint Remover to clean up his skin Graffiti wall made by graffiti writer Brus and tatto artist Victor Chil Detail of the eagle painted by Victor Chil in his graffiti production together with Brus


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