On a subway mission, all your visual attention is required to complete the piece itself, leaving the rest of your senses to detect any possible peril that surrounds you. In a new Instagram post, Serio shares an alternative view of the tense action involved in subterranean painting.

From the moment writers began to document their pieces, photography became the second hobby of all graffiti enthusiasts. Each writer develops an impulse, an instinct and their own criteria motivated by photographic aesthetics, to varying degrees of skill. Serio’s photographs aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last, but his testimony helps us to analyze the issue in depth.

When a writer is faced with a metal giant, their senses focus exclusively on the execution of the piece whilst listening out for any sound that is out of the ordinary. Everything else goes practically unnoticed, working against the clock dictates this method of operation, preventing the contemplative enjoyment of the action and emotion. Serio presents us with the opportunity to do precisely that with a series of photos. The EHC man takes a breather to immortalize a series moments that will certainly live longer than the ephemeral subway pieces.

“When time stands still you know how your always on robotic painting mode when filling your panel? Well I promised myself 3-4 years ago to stop this and take those 2-5 min to enjoy the moment walking around taking photos of everyone and it has given me such a different look to the actions and atmospheres that surrounds me. I share tend to share a lot here on IG but I only have a personal folder with my most precious valuable photos Iv ever taken to maybe someday produce a book of my travels around the world!”

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