• Name: Ndie
  • Crew: Tres Crew/Collective y F.I.S.C
  • City-country: I paint in a small town called San Ramon, located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.
  • Active since: I started approaching Graffiti culture in 2012, and started painting Graffiti with my name Nadie in 2013, but quickly after I got hooked doing Graff I started doing it without the ‘A’ so it became NDIE, and I started to like it that way better, it became more like a code than a word, but it’s still understandable if you know.
  • Personal motivation and message: I remember being interested in graffiti since I was a kid, it always took my attention and I used to put my name initials everywhere in my school notebooks, later when I grew up and find it was not something impossible to do graffiti myself I literally got hooked up since, I love graffiti so much, there is nothing in the world that can compare to the sensation to be out there doing something for pure passion, I just really love it and all the culture around it.

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