• Name: Dabs1
  • Crew: YIA,POP, JKR, HW.
  • City-country: From Canada but currently residing in Taipei,Taiwan the last while.
  • Active since: 1993
  • Favorite surface: “Panels x Metal” hands down for surfaces which are the best, but I’m alright to hit most surfaces.
  • Personal motivation: In the beginning it was for excitement and thrill of the sport of graffiti and bombing, but over the years more about exploring individual expression and creativity within the culture of graffiti art and the art of writing.I enjoy the shapes of the lettering and experimenting with styles, colours, surfaces, locations and storytelling with concepts and characters when possible.
    I like applying all this in public spaces legally or illegally which creates a challenge.
    I’m excited to know people will see these installations and wonder what it’s about or what it is… and for those that know have something new to see.
    I’m creating my world for people to see so this is fun for me to develop as my journey in life…

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