Fotos por Clara Antón.

Montana Colors presents a limited edition can in collaboration with the Barcelona craft beer brand Garage Beer Co. Two beers and two exclusive aerosols that unite craft beer and graffiti, demonstrating the parallels of creativity and enjoyment involved in each field.

Two different flavors of beer are packaged with two colors from the 94 range, specially labeled for the occasion with a design that reflects the iconic Garage Beer cans. A collector’s item that will delight both beer and graffiti lovers.

Artists featured at the release event: Balu & Kans.


This color is presented alongside an IPA that has a yellow-gold tone thanks to a base of Golden Promise and Extra Pale Ale malts. This saturated color is achieved thanks to a consistent layer of oats and wheat that is accompanied by powerful aromas of mango, citrus and pine from the combination of Mosaic and Columbus hops. The Columbus plays the role of adding a moist and slightly herbaceous touch to the tropical notes of the Mosaic, providing notes of underripe mango and Pez candy.


Paired with the RV3004 we have a burgundy-deep purple Barcelona Weisse beer, full of raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant and pomegranate notes. The traditional acidity of this beer is balanced by an extra supply of rolled oats. The result is a beer that goes down like a creamy, tangy dark fruit sorbet.

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