Pictures by Clara Antón.

Detoks and Genom form a deadly duo that has been claiming prominent highway spots around Barcelona for some time now. The walls, which enjoy a high volume of visibility on a daily basis, are the perfect target for the MTN MEGA COLORS range thanks to the speed and size that they allow you to paint.

On the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​the competition to conquer the best places visible from the freeway and train tracks is as fierce as you can imagine in a city with such an active graffiti scene. The writers who live on the outskirts of the city tend to monopolize these spots, resulting in a lively and organic ecosystem made up of silvers, rollers and color pieces. Seemingly beyond the attention of the buff, these interventions pile up in on walls, noise barriers and slopes as writers compete for quantity and size, simplifying the styles of their letters to allow quick identification of the names that appear over and over again. In a game of with these rules, the MTN MEGA COLORS spray paint gives you a great advantage.

Just one day embedded with the writers is enough to get an idea of this significant sub-scene of Barcelona graffiti, where quantity is king. The slogans added to the pieces underline their attitude, inspired by Cap’s legendary statements in Style Wars: “Not the biggest and the beautifullest, but more.”

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