In Barcelona city there are plenty of different writers from every continent on Earth, but not many from other planets. That is not to say that aliens don’t walk amongst us! MTN World recently became aware of Natreel, a group of reptile visitors with advanced graffiti techniques that us mortals could only dream of carrying out. Recently we documented Stain, aka Time Ahead, employing some of his futuristic methods for a reel on Instagram. Following the interest and intrigue from many of our terrestrial followers, we were able to communicate with this intergalactic tagger, and have translated the extraterrestrial exchange here.

With all due respect: what exactly are you?
First of all, don’t objectify me you bastard! I’m just an ordinary being just trying to blend in on your planet.

What planet or solar system are you from? How did you get to Earth?
I come from Planet Felska, a place similar to this, but without as much filth and scumbags. I was crossing the 304 of the Third Union of Feslka when a wormhole sucked me in and I was propelled 1000 light years away, crashing my ship into a fucking McDonalds. My craft was destroyed… shit happens dude.

Was it hard for you to adapt to our customs, food, languages, oxygen etc?
Don’t worry, it’s all good baby. My ultra-developed environmental adaptation processor allows me to survive in whatever galaxy environment I’ve come across. Sometimes I suffer some physical mutations, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a hot bath, you know what I’m saying? As for the food here, at first I wasn’t impressed, but I think that little by little I am getting used to it. I might end up being a foodie, you never know, hahaha.
On the other hand, I think that the worst thing you have is the numerical system that you calculate the time with. From what I have been able to deduce, one of your Earth minutes for me is two days. So what you experience in one whole day, is like eight years for me. And as you understand, sometimes it’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

What is your mission here on Earth? Do you have to follow orders from your superiors?
Mission? Fuck no. The earth is the ideal place to lay my little alien balls, concentrate on eating your so-called Cheese Curls and perfecting my gadgets. And as for following orders, my ilk will come and carpet bomb the planet when the time is right. And when there’s no pussies left, my lizard ideals will rule!

‘…together we make sure that staying here isn’t a drag. Many of you find it too difficult to have a good time lol. At Natreel there are only holidays brother!’

Your graffiti pieces are extraordinary, from our humble human point of view. Where do your influences come from?
BRO! It freaks me out that you still use spray paint, I love these analog techniques too! When I got here, I found one of those magazines next to a bin called Hip Flow! hehehehe. There were some pieces, a bit wack though. Now I copy everything that I like from IG. Dudes like Aryz, Rois183, Sawe, Felipe Pantone. If I told you any more names I’d probably be lying.

You revealed very futuristic painting tools in the recent MTN reel, which don’t even exist in the secret laboratories of Montana Colors. Can you explain what you have, and how they work?
Man, I can’t tell you anything, they are confidential files of P.F. Corporations, understand me. Does Coca-Cola reveal its secret ingredient to the world? Exactly. My father was a craftsman, he was the one who gave me my first G-lock T. 3042, a real marvel with thermal vision that turned any fool into mashed potato in thousandths of a second hehehehe! BRUTAL!
I can only tell you that if you need a little help in that factory, let me know.

We understood that you are now part of a group that identifies with the head of an alien. Who are they? Do they come from other planets too?
The Alienheads! a.k.a Los Charlis! They are galactic passers-by who, like me, got lost somewhere on the timeline that governs this solar system. We sell everything we can to make enough money to repair our ships as soon as possible, but given the lack of galactic mercantile communication channels, we are pretty screwed!
But hey, in the meantime, together we make sure that staying here isn’t a drag. Many of you find it too difficult to have a good time lol. At Natreel there are only holidays brother!

The last 12 months have been very hard for many people on Earth, surely you have heard something. Do you have a message of hope for humanity?
They don’t call me Time Ahead for nothing. I already know how all this ends, but I won’t tell you anything bro!! Just enjoy what you have left!

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