Aggro TV and Hell TV drop a video starring Tiros TDP that documents a complete subway mission using MTN Water Based 300.

It’s been over two years since his last Instagram update, but that doesn’t mean Tiros TDP has gone into early retirement. In fact, his low profile makes this already respectable train and subway writer even more intriguing. Boasting a vast collection of systems and uniquely fresh style on metal, the Todos Presos member has resurfaced online with a video released on the seminal underground German culture channel:, specifically on its sub-channel Hell TV. Largely featuring the infamous Lucifero TDP until now, the new film comprises of a video of 3 intense minutes that invite us to accompany Tiros throughout the complete process of painting a subway piece in Barcelona. One of the most emblematic lay ups in the city is the perfect setting to savor the technical mastery of this writer, employing Water Based 300 with skinny caps.
A curious detail to highlight is that the video continues with the editorial line of publishing a live action graffiti video without music. This decision enhances the sensations of an atmosphere as tense and fascinating as the action that takes place during this type of underground mission.

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