Pictures by Clara Antón, video by Damian Pissarra

The fifth issue of Tramontana Magazine got the launch party that it deserved. Such an ambitious publication had to be marked with an equally extravagant event, and MTN World had the pleasure of attending. Read on for our impressions of the graffiti and street art social of the season, organized and curated by Tramontana editorial director Antonio G. Mora.

On Wednesday June 30, the Nau Bostik warehouse complex that includes the B-Murals center became the meeting spot for the urban art scene in Barcelona, ​​thanks to the presentation of the latest issue of the official Montana Colors journal, Tramontana Magazine. As you may have seen in teasers on social media or in the pages of the first physical copies that are now in circulation in our community, the magazine includes a special extensive focus on the pillars and fundamentals of the modern graffiti scene.

A select group of 200 guests were greeted by the perfect doorman for the occasion – Rocky TSK – and were able to take in a multimedia presentation of the newly published content whilst catching up with contacts after a long time deprived of the chance to get together.

The famous designer Inocuo demonstrated his live synth mastery in collaboration with with DJ Helios, accompanied by cuts from Montana musical sensei Kapi. The MTN OG also participated in the display of styles alongside illustrator Aleix Gordo – with the support of Fritz-Kola – and the sophisticated Zurik. Around the central stage of the DJs, a photographic exhibition and video projections allowed for better appreciation of the new magazine. A huge wall panel serving as a guestbook for guests’ hand styles was quickly filled up with contributions by experts and newcomers.

A welcome pack was prepared for everyone in attendance, comprising of tote bags, bottle openers and other swag – along with a copy of Tramontana 05. There were freshly printed t-shirts from the Barcelona screen printer 43 Hilos especially made for collaborators of the magazine.
It was the perfect occasion for Garage Beer Co to serve the Montana Colors limited-edition lines, quenching the thirsts of the guests along with soda by Fritz-Kola. Neighbours of the Montana Shop Gràcia, A Casa Portuguesa, provided snacks for the balmy evening.
We’d also like to thank Impresionart Barcelona, Pressing Barcelona and Pictografic for their contribution!

It was a pleasure to see so many talented individuals united for the occasion. Barcelona veterans like Vino, Sendys, Zosen, Chan MAC and Ose rubbed shoulders with the current crop of active aerosol artists such as Sega, Keant and Skow. The event wasn’t limited to style writers, as the presence of experimental artists like Balu, Spogo and Lucas Milà demonstrated. There was even space on the guest list for a few artists visiting Barcelona, like Nase POP and Max Ripo.
An event packed with such personalities could have got out of hand, but the organization was impeccable and everyone in question acted accordingly for the post-pandemic period.

MTN World is already looking forward to the next issue of Tramontana, even if it’s just to celebrate another writers’ jam like this one. Follow @tramontanamagazine to keep up to date with news and events related to this classy editorial project.

Tramontana 05 is now available worldwide from Montana Shops, official distributors and other points of sale worldwide. Ask your local dealer for your free copy.

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