• Name: Pyno
  • City-country: Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Active since: 2005
  • Favorite surface: wall
  • Personal motivation: Everything is connection in graffiti. I grew up in a fairly dense city with big industries, cities that are not attractive enough to visit in terms of tourism. Every year, I look for a way to bring graffiti writers who are interested to my city. I do a big graffiti event so that graffiti friends from all over the world can come. I managed to invite many friends, like Pushu, Very, Jero, Xeme, and many others, the list goes on and on. My only motivation was to make my city a destination for graffiti friends to come and bring colour to my city. Making that connection is the reason I’m still at it. When I was 18 I loved bombing everywhere, non-stop. Travelling to paint is an honour for me. Now… I have a wife and soon I will become a father and that should be my priority. I have a graffiti shop called “Spray Mystery”, which is more or less the one that keeps graffiti in this city to keep growing because, in my city, there are no more graffiti shops. Creating a family doesn’t change my motivation to always paint on the streets. but it changed my style a little bit to keep balance with family life. I will stay in this scene until I can’t anymore, you know… my life is Graffiti since the first day I’m here. :)Just follow your heart…it’s all about passion…. It’s better that you learn first and then act. Then you will have a long life in this Game.

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