• Name: Smog
  • Crew: CPT, 116, SPK
  • City-country: Canadian/ Spain
  • Active since: I started tagging around ‘99 but definitely got serious in 2003.
  • Favorite surface: Raw concrete or good old red bricks. Used to love freight trains but there aren’t many around here.
  • Personal motivation: Throw ups, tags and walls. While walls satisfy my creativity, bombing fulfills my street graffiti needs. I try to get out of classic graffiti codes when painting walls to create a personal aesthetic based on many influences that have nothing to do with graffiti and that overlaps other creative activities of mine. I don’t like to pass more than 2 or 3 hours on a wall and don’t really recut anything; I want to keep it fresh and raw. I like my work to be a bit unpleasant, to leave you an acidic and bitter taste.

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