The video travelogue of German writer Ibes brings us the result pieces and the scenarios from a road trip through the Balkans, meeting up old friends like Ixap, Sokoe, Rukus, Haram, and others along the way.

The Balkans — an area of Europe that’s a bit outside the regular scope for visiting cities to paint trains and subways —  are nevertheless an ideal destination for seeking out this type of adventure. In fact, it tends to be a regular territory for veteran writers looking for new landscapes and unconventional graffiti scenes. Classic-looking trains in different colors and formats, as well as some modern metropolitan systems are just a few of the offerings of this graffiti vacation destination.

Good ol’ Ibes knows this all too well, and that’s why he organized his odyssey as a voyage in a Mercedes-Benz through Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, and Croatia, to end up in Stuttgart in his native Germany. Low Bud Media have published the video testimony of this journey amid train depots and the hours and hours on the road between them, set to the rhythmic music of Eyedress, Corporation of One and Minimalistix.


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