In the digital era, anything analog becomes a refuge not only for the nostalgic, but also for lovers of all that is artisanal, unique, and pure. Analog photography is a perfect example of this, and in the context of graffiti these characteristics become even more powerful. Not only the pieces, the throw-ups, or the tags…but also the lifestyle and the landscapes. When these decisive shots are captured with the freshness and the unique textures that film in old 90s cameras provide, they become physical portrayals full of soul and emotion.

We’ve selected 10 instagram accounts focused on analog photography in the dimension of graffiti, which may be of great interest to lovers of the genre and to the generally curious.



Can photos from early 2000s New York City be considered vintage? This album of snapshots is full of portraits of the characters that have built what the Big Apple in the new millennium.


Maybe you’ve already seen the post we have made including some of his photos on the official Montana Colors Instagram account. From the subway tunnels to the rooftops, the photos from this brilliant account capture the most extreme urban side of Paris.


The North Face, Nike, and Polo are the brands that the Madrid-based photographer’s content is wrapped in. Between jackets and sneakers you can sift through codes that refer exclusively to the world of graffiti.


The diary of a graffiti writer in Barcelona. This could be the description of this account that crudely portrays the crazy lifestyle that plays out in the Catalan city, alternated with missions and elements of graffiti.


The unmistakable flavor of the East Coast takes on a dramatic flavour with the black and white snapshots of Blake Kunin. It is a pleasure to savor his particular predilection for the traditional bombing of the Big Apple.


Coming out of Saint Petersburg, this film photographer’s Instagram account carries an aesthetic vision that has a peculiar sensibility. Documentation of street graffiti and urban lifestyle alternates with fashion-forward portraits, without ever losing a drop of authenticity.


The essence of Latin American is savored in snapshots of austere but suggestive composition. The generous presence of railway elements and subway cars, especially Latin American ones, places special emphasis on the type of graffiti that it aims to portray indirectly.


Here we have an Instagram account that’s exclusively dedicated to train and subway missions. The darkness of the tunnels provide the perfect atmosphere for photos loaded with tension and mystery. And although the subject matter may seem very limited, the results portray the great variety of processes and actions that take place in this realm of graffiti.


A life dedicated to drippy ink tags and collectible clothing has its risks. The Valencian photographer is better than anyone at portraying expert writers leaving their names, as quickly as they can. It doesn’t matter if it’s in black and white or color, the important thing is to leave your mark — just not on your clothes.


Our favorite filmmaker is also an analog photography aficionado. And like any self-respecting videographer, his photographic vision allows him to shoot truly captivating images, many of them documenting the activity of his writer friends.


If you want an account that brings together the best selection of this type of analog content, it’s undoubtedly undoubtedly
We hope you enjoy it!

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