The Barcelona graffiti writer Dune CK is as prolific in the street as on paper. She shares some of her best work with MTN World.
Dune is a veteran writer from Barcelona, with an affection for graffiti and style writing that goes far beyond leaving her name. Her detailed pieces can be found all around town, with fresh letters popping up each week, but her expression doesn’t stop there as she finds time to explore other surfaces and media in her studio.
We met up with Dune recently to film her in action, and she also shared flicks of her extensive work with markers and pens below to go with a little word with the artist.

Were you a good artist as a kid?
At school, yes. I always did the illustrations to go with all our classwork and I was responsable for doing the murals in our classroom.

Do you consider yourself a cartoonist who paints or a graffiti artist who draws?
A graffiti artist who likes to draw to relax.

What do you like about each discipline?
I enjoy the format and the surfaces involved with painting graffiti. When it comes to drawing, I like being able to take pauses, continuing later, filling in and producing something that will last forever.

Do you draw for yourself, to trade or to sell?
The truth is that I draw for myself. When anyone wants to buy something of mine I collapse, although sometimes I give drawings to people I love.

What are the best drawing tools for you?
I like alcohol-based markers to draw. And the paper? The cheapest, just your ordinary printer paper. The marker turns out great on it. Sometimes people ask me what paper I use. They’re surprised to find out that I’m not picky.

In the photos we can see that you apply your creations to paper, canvas, MTN Systems and even clothing. What’s the surface that you like the most? And the most complicated?
I like to paint on denim and on paper. I don’t care about the surface, but the technique that scares me the most is the brush.

Disney and Hanna Barbera cartoons are very prominent in your work. Do you have a favorite cartoonist? And a character?
I love them! They convey a lot of good vibes. I love Pixie and Dixie. I couldn’t give you the name of my favorite cartoonist, I like quite a few of them.

What influence do dogs have on your work?
Dogs are what I like the most in the whole world. I’m not sure if they have an influence in my work, but they certainly play a part in my everyday life. You can always find me in the street whistling at any dogs that may come my way 😊

… And what do the letters CK stand for?
Clot Kingas! It’s a very old crew that I’m in with my friend Laia. Clot is our neighborhood, and “Kingas” doesn’t need any explanation.

Check out Dune in action in this new Instagram Reel.

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