After Montana Shop Madrid held a surprise exhibition comprised of MTN Systems painted by different writers from the Spanish capital, the Montana Shop Barcelona – Born has announced their own particular twist on the concept.

More than 20 writers based in Barcelona, ​​recognized for their graffiti on trains and subways, have intervened on more than 20 MTN Systems, reproducing real pieces on steel. We asked Alain – charismatic employee of the Montana Shop Barcelona – Born and curator of project – to tell the story behind this ambitious project. The complete set of MTN Systems will be installed in the shop early October. Stay tuned!

Where did the idea for this exhibition come from?
It was inspired by the project organized by the Montana Shop Madrid. We thought we could take the idea one step further to make it even more interesting by asking train writers to reproduce pieces they have painted in real life. The finished pieces will have added value, since they will also be presented with a photograph of the piece in question.

We already have the Montana Gallery Barcelona and the Montana Cafè & Restaurant… why did you decide to set up an exhibition space in the store?
On the one hand, the Montana Gallery Barcelona already has its own program, focused more on people from the urban art scene, featuring valuable work that you’d expect to find in a fine art gallery.

The opening hours of the Montana Cafè Restaurant, which closes at 4:00 p.m., don’t leave much time for an exhibition with a good old-fashioned opening. So the best option is to do it here in the store. It also serves as a tribute to some of our best customers, and at the same time, allows them to claim some ownership of the space.

What tools were used to paint the Systems?
All the trains were painted with MTN Water Based and Posca markers, except for some participants who have also resorted to more sophisticated techniques: Aller used an airbrush and Shiat used MTN Water Based 300 sprays. The store provided the materials for the participants, as a small token of our appreciation.

“It’s never very easy to collaborate with this type of graffiti writers, since they are usually very discreet profiles and who are not very interested in publicity”

Was it easy to choose the participants?
It’s never very easy to collaborate with this type of graffiti writers, since they are usually very discreet profiles and who are not very interested in publicity. Obviously some writers that I would’ve liked to include couldn’t do it, but others that I thought would be impossible  agreed, like Tiros, Azen and Loak.

Why do you think they wanted to participate in the end?
I think it’s thanks to the good relationships and trust that the Montana Shop employees have with our customers. Apart from the fact that we are also part of the graffiti scene, we consider many of our clients friends and some almost family.

The dates of the exhibition will be announced soon. Follow @montanashopbarcelona for information about this show as well as workshops, new product drops and sales from our two flagship locations in Barcelona.

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