CAPuS (Conservation of Art in Public Spaces) is an academic project centered around the conservation of art in public spaces, co-financed by the European Union through ERASMUS. It takes the form of a masters course coordinated by Knowledge Alliances, an initiative aimed at modernizing higher education in Europe through corporate partnerships.

Montana Colors has contributed to the construction of the content of the module, assisting the development of a complete glossary of graffiti and street art terms, as well as in the production of the documentary “Conversations in Conservation.”

This audiovisual report directed by David Bernardo and Marc Mascort i Boix, Cultural Manager of Montana Colors includes an outstanding cast of artists such as Aryz, Axe Colours, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Kenor, Lily Brick, Mina Hamada, Sixe Paredes, TV Boy, Roc Blackblock y Zosen.

Montana Colors’ participation in the CAPuS project represents our commitment to education, research and culture on an academic level, demonstrating a firm commitment to public art and its important role as a tool for social transformation. You can read more about the project in the full report in MTN News.

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