Today we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at MTN HQ by recognizing five graffiti writing duos who have made their name for their work together as well as sharing an emotional bond. After consultation with our followers on socials, our list of Power Couples for 2022 are Scien and Klor, Dabs and Myla, LMus and Erni, Robe and Fore, and Utah and Ether.

You know that love moves mountains and conquers all. You’ve heard it a thousand times and experienced it a few more. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate this Hallmark holiday, February 14th is a significant date when millions of couples or friends show their emotions in a special way. This article celebrates what can be acheived when that passion is also channeled into aerosol art.

Lmus & Erni

American lovers LMUS and Erni are collectively known as Death By letters, a crew dedicated to pushing traditional graffiti through an irresistible series of throw ups. Our interview with LMUS aka Little Miss Understood was one of the MTN World hits of 2021.

Robe & Fore: Los Keos

Fore from Canada and Robe from Chile, form a tandem named Los Keos. Tramontana magazine published an unmissable conversation with them in its third issue. Their juicy Instagram profile shows the commitment and joy they put into their writing through panels in Latam and beyond.

Dabs & Myla

MTN amigos Dabs and Myla are the Australian couple who flex on murals and canvases, demonstrating an elegant style and mastery of color and composition all around the world. Their relationship and output is a prime example of serenity and fun.

Scien & Klor

They are the French core of the 123 Klan now based in Montreal, who our readers will be familiar with. They’ve proved that graffiti and a rich family life are possible for many years. Their solid and powerful style suits walls as much as clothes or canvases: true all-rounders of the scene.

Utah & Ether

We can’t complete an article about couples in the graffiti game without naming the most notorious names in vandalism. By any measure, Utah and Ether have made a career of two writers taking on the world.


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