We celebrate the change of season with a new collection from MTN Apparel. Three new models of t-shirts and caps accompanied by two tote bags and a waist bag.

For this collection, we wanted to send a message that reflects on the concept of fame, a objective closely linked to graffiti. We propose that notoriety should be the result of work and effort and not a goal in itself. This is true whether you are a writer, artist, athlete or even a brand.

This message is also a reminder to put things in perspective when attention is unwanted. However, in the same way that the truth always comes to light, work carried out from the heart always bears positive fruit, which shows in time.

“Fame is Just a Consequence” is the slogan that we wanted to push this season, with a visual nod to the emblematic Hardcore design. Two t-shirts and a tote bag feature the design with the slogan and serve as a reminder that fame is only the surface of something more important. The fame that Hardcore enjoys comes from years of development and experience, not just its history.

Notoriety is also achieved visually and graffiti has a lot to teach us about that. That’s why some Montana Shops now have an eye-catching neon sign. We wanted to incorporate this element on the new MTN apparel, so you’ll be seeing the design on a black t-shirt, a tote bag and a new waist bag.

The collection also includes a couple of models shaped by trends in headwear. Accompanying the two lines of clothing, the new season brings three caps: two trucker caps with a patch and our take on the dad cap with the iconic Montana Colors logo.

If you’re as concerned for animal welfare as we are, you’ll be pleased to read that the t-shirts and tote bags are approved by PETA as vegan products.

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