Sawe is a name very familiar to Montana Colors, but it’s always worth checking in with him since his style evolves at such a considerable rate. His dedication to his work, both on the street and in the studio, has been consistent since he started painting 20 years ago, taking him through different stylistic terrains. In a new video published by MTN World, we take stock of his artistic career to date whilst appreciating the ability he has with a can of MTN Hardcore, at the same time learning a little more about the diversity of graffiti and its styles.

“When I use spray paint, it’s more important for me to have a good time than the technique itself and that’s reflected in the result.”

Sawe’s name is associated with an avant-garde style that questions the basic foundations of graffiti, producing work that is intuitive, fun and deeply personal. The contrast with the type of graffiti that he painted in his early years is considerable, but his innate ability to illustrate has always made this writer and artist a true all-rounder, capable of executing any type of graphic creation; using the pencil, pen, brush, spray or whatever else he chooses.

“For the lines, my favorite part of graffiti, I usually look for a tool that goes fast. I forget about neatness and I go for speed. And the Pocket Cap is my favorite.”

From photorealism to bold abstraction, Sawe has gone through several stylistic stages informed by the different concerns that have marked his personal evolution. Experimenting with a wide variety of styles, from pastel to classic wilsdyle, he has always been recognized for his virtuosity when using aerosols, a fundamental element of his graffiti.

“I think drips are welcome in graffiti because they are natural and they are beautiful.”

Finally, the video reveals what his pieces and photographs only allow us to imagine. What makes Sawe’s creations stand out is not only the result, but also the process. After guiding us through his entire career, the artist helps us understand the current point of his graffiti, opening our horizons to different aesthetics and tools like the controversial Pocket Cap. In a single piece, we can see his versatility through three different graffiti styles, with Montana Hardcore the perfect tool for an expression of avant-garde graffiti.

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