• Name: Numbers #’S  №’s Numerot
  • Founded: 2006, before hashtag, in Barcelona.
  • Original Members: Mentos and Heart. The first writers who joined were Pyro and Nuek who were invited by Heart and Hesk and Samo, sponsored by Mentos.
  • Current Members: Ares, Barfy, Emo, Fonk, Guano, Havoc, Heart, Imos, Iser, Mentos, Nuek, Omega 3, Samo, Sawe, Seny, Skulls, Smuf, Tel, Toxic, Triste, Yass, Yesk.
  • Other Associated Artists: Hesk, Pyro, Remio, Sens, Siem
  • Traditions: The crew began as a numerical concept, with the first pieces to sport the #’s logo all connected to numbers in different languages. Most members of the collective are also involved in producing DIY art and music.
  • Philosophy: The aesthetics of the crew comes from their Finnish and Canadian roots. Pieces are painted with emphasis on the artist getting completely lost in the process of filling and outlining pieces.
  • Collective Memory: In 2016, the crew produced a project called Pizza Hug. It consisted of a cassette tape and a magazine. The tape featured a compilation of productions by crew members and a risograph insert, and the magazine was a volume representing their “outsider” approach to graffiti. It’s sold out now, but the music can be streamed or bought digitally here.

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