• Name: Angel Grace.
  • Crew: SACRED LETTERING & Born to Script Krew.
  • City-country: Originally from Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve lived in London for 17 years.
  • Active since: I’ve been tattooing for over 18 years now, specialising in lettering and the dark lettering tattoo. I am currently working at Sacred Gold Tattoo in London, Kings Cross.
  • First piece: My first wall I painted in London was in August 2020 in Stockwell, South East London and I was lucky to meet my partner in graffiti, Nerks who introduced me to that spot, and Chips from Wild Style café, which is the bestplace in London to get spray cans from, and is a great place to meet other graffiti artists too.
  • Favorite piece: I painted in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane, London, which is my favourite spot. I tried out a new colour scheme and letter style and was painting with some great people. In 2020 I attended the London mural Festival, which was such an amazing day to mix with different artists and see the amazing work being done out there. This year I’ve been invited to the London Tattoo Convention, in September and Sacred Lettering also has been invited, which will be a first time a graffiti and tattoo crew has attended, so I’m very excited and super proud. I’ve also been invited to the Rome Tattoo convention, in addition to the New York Tattoo convention in October.
  • Style:   I am heavily influenced by the ‘dark lettering’ style, mixed in with some of the Gothic traditions, which I have developed into my own unique style; however, it’s always evolving as I grow.
  • Partners in crime: Very grateful  to have Nerks, Nerok , Spyar, Dripper, my girl, Catmichogato.
  • Favorite cap: Blue Dot soft wide cap.

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