We’re stoked to present a brand-new Spotify playlist by a talented and industrious artist with a strongly marked style and an aerosol technique to express himself perfectly. He goes by the name of Rays, or @rays_against_the_machine on Instagram where he publishes photos and process videos on a regular basis.

Rays didn’t have the usual route into graffiti by any means. He was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, a country with little or no graffiti scene when he was growing up, even to this day the output of the country is in its infancy. When he was 15, he moved to Germany and started painting walls in 2012.

These days he forms an integral part of the STC (Stay True Crew) and names Dare, Sofles, Demsky, Stare and Daim as his top five style writers of all time.

For his MTN Mixtape, he delves into his profound appreciation of metal, picking out raw cuts from pioneering acts like Pantera, Metallica and Faith No More alongside heavy hitters from this century like Korn, System of a Down and Suicidal Tendencies.

This new Spotify playlist is essential listening to understand that the reach of graffiti goes far beyond hip-hop and fat laces.

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