• Name: Smo Crew (Smile More Often)
  • Founded: The crew started back in 2015/16 after a few writers had randomly met at spots around London and started painting together. We were all doing our own thing at the time but were keen to paint with like minded people who were down to rock a same colour production. This became our aim when painting together – matching colours, characters and a themed background. We were painted a fair few walls before deciding to form the crew officially and here we are today.
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • Original members: Chaer (Latvia), Chips (Italy), Core246 (Spain), Deats (UK), Hertse (Australia), Nelius (Italy), SkyHigh (UK), Sorez (Romania), Toile (UK), Tuis (Chile) and Zebor (UK). We all met in UK but we are from different nationalities, at the moment there are members in Australia, UK and Chile.
  • Current members: idem.
  • Philosophy: SMO crew is a chill crew, we enjoy painting crew walls and take our time. One of our monikers is SMOkers so you can imagine the vibe. Some members get too carried away by this and sometimes this ends with people getting too drunk or high to finish their pieces. There are pictures that one day may see the light with members in terrible moments being tortured by others SMO members.
  • Collective memory: Most of the crew is or has been based in London. Painting the streets there puts you in contact with a massive number of characters. I think we have seen it all. There used to be a homeless guy who used to sneak around when we were painting, open the buckets of emulsion and eat the paint. We havent seen him in a while… The amount of weird people who roam around this place is amazing, you never know what will happen when you paint.

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