Alonso Alcalde, the author of Patiperro, presents the innovative exhibition “Meraki” at the Montana Gallery Barcelona: a selection of collages that combine the emotion of graffiti action on trains with a sharply aesthetic vision of railway infrastructures, architectural elements and natural landscapes.

Barcelona was the first European city that welcomed Alonso Alcalde aka Ale VLOK, where he is able to showcase his artistic progression through the Montana Gallery Barcelona.

The title of the show is “Meraki”, a Greek expression that refers to passionate involvement in a generally artistic work. Therein Alonso brings together a series of collages on paper in which action photography meets landscape and typography to create elegant explosions. The selection of framed works is complemented by two original and striking 3D pieces made of methacrylate.

The artist has published an impeccable catalog to accompany the show that includes the works presented in the exhibition as well as other photographs and interventions. The catalog is for sale at the Montana Shop Barcelona.

MTN World had the chance to talk about the show with some writers and critics at the opening.

“Meeting Alonso for the first time and feeling the pure energy, passion, dedication and his love of graffiti was amazing.
It was like talking to a graffiti encyclopedia and we connected like kids in the playground talking about writers, trains and travels. This shows that there are no boundaries between country, age, beliefs or whatever comes to your mind, just passion!
The man is a genuine as they come, and it will be a pleasure to meet him again soon!
Much love for his exceptional work over the years and years to come.”

Serio EHC

“Alonso Alcalde is able to make magic out of something as mundane as rails, concrete or trains. And all in one piece.
The mixture of bright colors, photographs, sharp lines, materials and especially personal calligraphy make each piece a particular insight on his lifestyle. It is sure to provoke a reaction in anyone. It’s definitely worth taking a look at.”

Dune CK

“Alonso Alcalde interweaves languages in his new exhibition “Meraki”, hybridizing layers of meaning in his works where he combines the abstraction of a colorful and geometric collage. Along with photographic layers, he establishes a plastic metaphor that combines images of what was lived – and perhaps survived – on the tracks, wagons and suburban contexts, with patterns and forms that can well be interpreted as that directly indescribable: the emotion of the mission, typical of the yearning for an orderly and planned adventure ad-hoc for each of the interventions successfully completed.”

Marc Mascort i Boix, Montana Colors Cultural Manager

The exhibition “Meraki” will remain open to the public until October 28, 2022.

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