This summer, Montana Colors sent you an assignment to make the most of our Acrylic Marcador range whilst upcycling an old aerosol you had lying round. You were given the whole month of August to come up with a prototype of your very own MTN Limited Edition can, and you did not disappoint; as artists from all round the world got busy and posted some impressive and innovative images of aerosols decorated in different ways.

At the start of September, the MTN judges got together to choose the ten finest customized cans. The contest was then opened up to the public, who had to select the design that they thought deserved one of three €300 vouchers to spend on MTN products.

Today in MTN World, we can reveal the identities of the artists and showcase their skills with paint, markers and a spent spray can.

3. Pablo Ortiz

Coming in third place is the Spaniard Pablo Ortiz. The Tattoo artist from Toledo surprised the jury with his impressionistic portrait of a young woman, the bold design attracting enough votes to see him claim one of the three money prizes.

2. Force129

Force129 took an approach of graffiti character art to make a new skin for his #mtnyoucan entry which was particularly popular with voters. He takes the second €300 prize back to his native San Jose, California.

1. Stain

This entry from Stain came just before we closed the contest, but the wait was worth it. His prototype pushed the boundaries of aerosol way beyond what is presently possible at the MTN labs. Not only did his design feature instant refills, color changes and GPS, the “Natreel T.B.0. Can” also promised to make popcorn. He claims the first prize and €300 in paint next time he visits Earth.

Special mention:

Dutchman Sam Vonk went one step futher and fabricated his own cans in his trademark miniature fashion. As you can see in this video, his skills with the Acryclic Marcador range are incredible, and certainly worthy of a special mention. Unfortunately a technicality meant he wasn’t eligible for the final vote.

Find more inspiration for marker applications here, here and here.

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