• Name: GT (Grim Team).
  • Founded: Around 1996.
  • Countries: France, Italy, Belgium, England, USA, Hong-Kong, Canada.
  • Original Members: Chaze, Sari, Dea, Kirs, Orel, Smoker, Wek, Func, Pro, Thes, Druide, Creez, Psyckoze, Slice, Lue, Sxc, Stephen, Kmr, Soda,Teach, Fume, Oeno, Goze, Niko, G.Y., Jay 1, Dystur, Yeemd, Recto, Dead.
  • Current Members: Chaze, Sari, Kirs, Dea, Orel, Wek, Func, Thes, Druide, Creez, Psyckoze, Slice, Dize, Lue, Sxc, Kmr, Soda, Teach, Oeno, Goze, ZeOne, Sake, Poison, Carne, Trota, 2shy, Rex, Rues, Idiot, Xeme, Alp, G.Y, Dacya, Hole, Fist, Ema, Diksa, Rosil, Met, Armen, Jaba, Dystur, Ronin, Yeemd, Recto, Jouer, Pone, Crewpa, Ryck, Beoz, Benji.
  • Philosophy: At the origin Gt was born in Paris, it’s a mentality before anything, we are not just graffiti writers, we are Parisians and we don’t take ourselves seriously, lots of teasing each in the early days, now that we are older some are photographers, directors, designers,Tattoo artists, painters etc…GT really is a mentality, we respect the graffiti world but we don’t really care about it.
    Then with traveling we met other members in different countries and it made the crew more interesting and diverse in terms of styles but the mentality is the same in each country.
  • Collective memory: You can be GT and almost never done graffiti in your life, if you’re like us it works.
    Some of the last members of GT are around 28 years old, the oldest probably around 55, we just keep growing, when some of us stop writing almost totally, the younger generation takes over and keeps the name alive, some of the oldest members are still heavily active though.
    We can say Grim Team influenced a lot of different generations in France.

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