• Name: Retsy/Retser/Retse/Retso/Rets
  • Crew: ZEE, YPN, BOTS, NWB, UK, HP
  • City-country: Honolulu, U.S.A. (50th State of Hawaii).
  • Active since: I started tagging in 2006.
  • First piece: 2007! It was on some sort of bunker in a forest somewhere on the far West Side of Oahu.. I am not sure if I can even find the place anymore, haha.
  • Favorite piece: I have painted a few pieces that I thought came out exactly how I wanted it to, I shared one of them on my photo list which is photo #2.
  • Style: This particular topic can go on for quite a long time due to the many different variants of style that exist. I’ll share some of my insight on this subject.
    In my personal case, I paint a lot of wild style. Thinking of each piece as a puzzle of controlled lines combined with letters.
    However, this is only possible because of the style I used to do before wild style, which was traditional inspired letters with connections and arrows. Understanding the foundation of the basic letter has allowed me to manipulate the lines to create this style I enjoy.
    There are many different styles out there that I really enjoy seeing; East Coast West Coast, and everywhere in between…
    Traditional graffiti like SENTO, MUSA TFP, AND DREAM TDK (RIP), outstanding understanding of letters with rhythm and movement, along with eye catching use of colors;
    To styles like NACE FC MAYHEM (RIP), YEARS YPN KE, and CASE2 TFP (RIP), Wild Styles that bend the rules , but blend right into the styles that they vision and create; with the understanding of Solid Letter Foundation.
    As you can see, my Inspirations of Style are all over the place. There are so many more writers to mention that have inspired me one way or another, to the direction of style that I heard towards whom I could mention, but this answer would keep on going for a few pages, haha.
  • Partners in crime: My crew mates are my main partners I have enjoyed painting with, from my home city and different parts of the country. I would love to mention a few of them here, PATIO, QUEST, CUATE, ELEM,YEARS, OERA, DEVOUR, ROBER, COWSE, PARFE, BEGIN, TEVRS, QPEAS, STAR & MELON.
    I also have a few friends that I absolutely have enjoyed painting with that are not in the same crews as me, but I would love to also mention a few of them here,
    I’ve made many friends from either me traveling, or them coming on vacation. There are so many more I could name, much love to everyone!!!!!
  • Favorite cap: They are as follows, Lego, Grey dots, New York Skinny, & Cream Caps.

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